The Swart family was in the automobile business and they were running a successful Fiat & Lancia distributorship in the Hague , the Netherlands from 1921-1979. Ed’s father, besides being a businessman, was also a freelance hobby auto sport photographer for some Dutch magazines. He took Ed at young age with him to various events at Zandvoort, the Nurburgring and Spa. That is how Ed got hooked on car racing.

He started in 1956 with many national and international rallye’s and go-karting in 1960. He started racing at the Zandvoort racetrack in 1961. The only cars he raced were Fiat and Fiat-Abarth cars due to business ties. In 1964 he also started racing outside the Netherlands , competing in the FIA Touring (Production) car Challenge.

Ed formed his first racing team named “Scuderia Auto Swart” in 1964. He had several other drivers buying Fiat Abarths from him, since he was Abarth importer and they joined his popular team, which changed its name to “Racing Team SAS.”

Ed won many international FIA touring car races in 1964 and the beginning of 1965. This resulted in the invitation from Carlo Abarth for Ed to race in the factory team at the Nurburgring 6 Hour race in June 1965.

He did well by finishing second and raced for Abarth the remaining races of the season, winning the FIA European Touring car Cup in first division (1000cc) that year. Due to this success he continued racing for the Abarth factory till 1970 winning several more Championships National and International.

Ed started a new racing team in the Netherlands in 1969 and merged the SAS Team into this new unique team called “Team Radio Veronica” sponsored by a popular of shore radio station on the North Sea .

He bought a new Fiat Abarth 2000SP sport car and competed in most of the FIA European Sports Prototype Challenge races in 1969. For 1970 the Abarth factory offered him works support for the car and he ended up winning the FIA European Sports car Championship.

At the end of 1970 rumors started that Abarth was going to sell the Company to Fiat and that no longer race cars would be made. This was for Ed the sign to switch from Fiat Abarth to Chevron race cars. Ed and his team mate Rein Zwolsman managed to sign up Canon Camera’s as a new sponsor and they started the new “Canon Racing Team” with two Chevron’s (B16 Coupe and B19 Spyder).  Ed bought these cars at the racing car show in London England in January 1971. It was Canon’s very first sponsoring in the automobile sport!

Ed signed a two years contract to compete with two cars in all the FIA European Sports Prototype Challenge races. John Burton joined the team with his B19 after the B16, driven by Ed’s teammate, was destroyed.

Due to business commitments, Ed was retiring from pro-racing at the end of 1971. Therefor he decided to make it a double season that year, entering with his Chevron B19 in the South African Springbok Series with Jody Scheckter as his team mate. They did well and finished second.

For 1972 other drivers like Derek Bell, Toine Hezemans, Arthuro Merzario and Bob Wollack replaced Ed to team up with John Burton for the Canon Team.

From 1972 till 1981 Ed was very much involved in race organization and became the Clerk of the Course (Chief Stewart) for all the national and international races at Zandvoort, including the Grand Prix races.

When historic racing was invented in 1975, Ed returned to racing buying a Ferrari 250 SWB Competition car, which he drove for 8 years. He also bought and raced a Fiat Abarth 2000SP and a Fiat Abarth 1000TC Corsa from 1965. Ed emigrated with his family to California in 1980. From 1984 till 1989 he raced in many different cars in Europe and the USA (see photo’s). Ed had in the past, other then his go-karting and the two(Vee & Tecno F4) invitational races, never owned or raced in a Formula car. In 1985 he bought a 1970 Chevron B17 Formula Atlantic and started racing in open wheel cars. After the B17 he found a 1972 B20 and later a B45 from 1978.  He enjoyed very much racing in open wheel cars.

In 1989 he bought a Chevron B19 and raced it for 5 years in the European Super Sports Series, parking the car with his brother in the Hague . He liked racing the B19 back in Europe , which was just like the FIA races in 1970-1971. Same cars and mostly same tracks, just new people driving. In 1996 the B19 was shipped to the USA were Ed is still racing it today.

In 1994 he bought a Lola T400 Formula 5000. The car was very incomplete and lots of parts needed to be found, including the engine and gearbox! It took two years, but in 1996 he began racing this great car in the USA East and West coast. He ran the car for 8 years, including two events in England .

He also raced in Rondeau GTP cars with owner Steve Simpson at Daytona and other tracks 2001-2005.

In 1999 he started his own racing organization HSR-West and has now 600 + members and 7 events yearly.

His latest open wheel cars are a Shadow DN9 Formula One, the Chevron B45 F-2 and a Chevron B46 Form. Atlantic. This B 46 was the last Chevron ever build. It was originally a Form. Super Vee, but Ed changed the car into a Formula Atlantic.

Ed has competed in over 465 races from 1961-2006 in Europe , South Africa, South America and the USA .