Hans (John) Hugenholtz. 




Name:                         Hans (John) Hugenholtz, Schilde-Belgium/Mougins-France

Born:                          June 10, 1950

Studies:                      Mechanical Engineering Delft 2 years
                                   Economics Rotterdam, degree (Finance)

Profession:                Previous co-owner/Director of:

                                   DTZ Zadelhoff            

Owner/Director of:

                                   Hugenholtz Property Group                 (Property Development NL-B-Lux)
                                   Nerons Holding B.V.                            (Import company NL-B-Turkey)
                                   Milestone Beheer B.V.                        (Investment company)

                                   Member of the Board of:
                                   Spyker Cars N.V. (founder-shareholder)/Spyker MF1
                                   Groupe Franco-Hollandaise (HPG majority shareholder) 

Other activities:       Founder and Honorary President Ferrari Club Nederland
                                  Chairman Racing Team Holland Foundation
                                  Founder-Organiser of  “Italia a Zandvoort”
                                  Founder of Ferrari Challenge
                                  KNAC Committee Member 

First Race:                Zandvoort 1971

Competed in:            Holland, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, England, Italy, China, Japan,
                                  France, Austria, Spain, Sweden, USA, Macao. (300+ races)                               

1971                           Saloon cars Group 1: Simca 1000 Rally (“Willem Bever”) 

1972                           SONY Racing Team (Ford factory team) Ford Escort

                                    2nd Dutch Touring car Championship

1973/4                        NMB Bank Racing Team (Ford factory team) Ford Capri 3000

                                   3rd Dutch Touring Car Championship (1973)

                                   2nd Dutch Touring Car Championship (1974)

1975/84                      Historic races with: Aston Martin DB4, Ferrari Dino GTS, Lotus Elite.

1985                           Club Med Racing in SCCA Escort/Playboy Endurance Series (USA) Mitsubishi Starion

                                   Various races with Lotus Elite and Ferrari 288 GTO

1986                           Mitsubishi Dealer Team: Mitsubishi Starion

                                   1st Dutch Production Car Championship 

                                   Racing Team Holland: Lotus Elite S2

                                   2nd Benelux Championship 

1987                           Ferrari 246 GTS

                                   2nd in class Maranello Challenge (UK) 

                                   Various races with Ferrari 312T Formule 1,

                                   Lotus Elite and Lola T70 Mk 3B (Supersports) 

1988                           Racing Team Holland: Lotus Elite S2

                                   1st Overall European Championship FISA GT 

                                   Various races with Ferrari 250LM, 250 SWB, 246 GTS 

1989                           Racing Team Holland:  Lotus Elite, Shelby Mustang, Ferrari F40, Ferrari 250LM

1990                           Racing Team Holland:  Lotus Elite, Shelby Mustang, Alfa Romeo 1600 GTA, Lotus Cortina, Ferrari F40 

1991                           Ferrari Porsche Challenge Holland: Ferrari 308 GTB

Racing Team Holland:   Lotus Elite, Alfa Romeo GTA, Ferrari 250 SWB, Chevron B19 (Supersports)

                                   Porsche Carrera Cup:     Factory Car Zandvoort 

1992                           Racing Team  Holland:  Lotus Elite, Alfa Romeo GTA, Chevron B19

                                   Porsche Carrera Cup:     Porsche Carrera RS (2 races) 

1993                           Racing Team Holland:   Ferrari 348 TB

                                   3rd Ferrari 348 Challenge Championship 

                                   Historics:                          Lotus Elite, Chevron B19

                                   Tour de France Auto:      Ferrari Daytona Gr. IV (Hugenholtz-Koel)

                                   1st Overall Tour de France Auto 

1994                           Racing Team Holland:    Ferrari 348 TB

                                   2nd Ferrari 348 Challenge West

                                   Historics: Lotus Elite, Ferrari 250 GTO, Alfa Romeo 8C2300 Le Mans

                                   Tour de France Auto :     Ferrari Daytona Gr. IV

                                   3rd Overall Tour de France Auto

1995                           Ecurie Francorchamps:  Ferrari F355

                                   2nd  Ferrari Challenge West              

                                   BPR Global GT Series:  BBA Comp. Venturi 600 LM Simpson Eng. Porsche GT2 (2 races)

                                   Maserati Ghibli Cup:        Maserati Ghibli (1 race) 

                                   Racing Team Holland:   Lotus Elite, Ferrari Daytona, Ferrari 250 GTO,

                                                                           Alfa Romeo 8C2300 Le Mans, Shelby Mustang 

1996                           BPR Global GT Series:  BBA Comp. McLaren F1 GTR (7 races)

                                                                           Roock Racing Porsche GT2 (1 race)

                                   Lamborghini Cup:            CRC Racing (1 race)                                  

                                   Racing Team Holland:   Ferrari F355, Ferrari 250 SWB, Lotus Elite,

                                                                           Shelby Mustang, Lola T70 spyder

                                                                           Chevron B23 (1st Overall Palm Springs GP) 

1997                           Lamborghini Cup:          CRC Racing with IBM Lamborghini Diablo

                                   FIA GT Series:               Chamberlain Viper 

                                   Le Mans 24 hrs:            Chamberlain Viper, 6th in GT2, 15th OA

                                   Racing Team Holland:   Ferrari 250 GTO, Alfa Romeo 8c2300 Le Mans

                                                                           Shelby Mustang (5th OA Tour de France)

1998                           FIA GT Series:                Chamberlain Viper

                                   Le Mans 24 hrs:            Chamberlain Viper, 5th in GT2, 19th OA 

                                   Racing Team Holland:   Ferrari 250 GTO, 2 wins

                                                                           Alfa Romeo 8c2300 Le Mans, Shelby Mustang,

                                                                           Ferrari 250 GT SWB

1999                           Daytona 24 hrs:               Chamberlain MS Viper

FIA GT:                          Chamberlain MS Viper, 3rd Homestead,, 4th


                                   Le Mans 24 hrs:            Chamberlain MS Viper, 3rd GTS, 15th OA                                  

Racing Team Holland:   Alfa Romeo 156, Ferrari 250 GT SWB 

Tour Auto:                       Shelby Mustang 350 GT (Hugenholtz-

1st Overall Tour Auto   Hugenholtz) 

2000                           Racing Team Holland:       Ford GT40 (Hugenholtz-Hugenholtz)

                                   1st Overall Tour Auto

                                    Racing Team Holland:       Alfa Romeo 156, Ferrari 250 GT SWB

                                   FFSA GT Championship:  Chrysler Viper GTS/R

                                    7th Overall in Championship

                                   Le Mans 24 hrs:                 Chrysler Viper GTS/R, 6th GTS, 13th OA

                                                                                (Team Carsport Holland)

 2001                           Racing Team Holland:       Ford GT40 (Hugenholtz-Ibing)

                                   1st Overall Tour Auto

                                    Racing Team Holland:       Alfa Romeo 8c2600, Ferrari 250 GT SWB

                                   FFSA GT Championship:  Chrysler Viper GTS/R

                                   3rd Overall in Championship 

2002                           Racing Team Holland:       Shelby Mustang (Tour Auto 6th OA)

                                                                               Ford GT40, Ferrari 360 Modena 

                                   Le Mans 24 hrs:                Spyker C8 D12  DNF

                                   Le Mans Classic:             1st OA Team Prize (Maserati 450S,

                                   Maserati Birdcage, Shelby Mustang) 

2003                           Racing Team Holland:       Shelby Mustang

                                   2nd Overall Tour de Espagne 

                                   Racing Team Holland:       Lotus Elite, Bugatti 43                                  

                                   Le Mans 24 hrs:                Spyker C8 D12, 30th OA, 10th GT class

                                   Monterey Historics            Bugatti 43, 1st Class

2004                           Racing Team Holland:       Lotus Elan (Hugenholtz-Hugenholtz)

                                   1st Overall Tour Auto

Zandvoort, HARC               Lotus Elan, 1st OA, 1st OA

                                   Classic Le Mans                 Ford GT40, 2nd Group 4(Hugenholtz-Tambay)

                                   Zandvoort, IaZ                    Ferrari 360 Modena, 1st OA, 2nd OA 

                                   Monza 1000 km LMES     Cirtek Ferrari Modena 7th GT

                                   Le Mans 24 hrs:                Cirtek Ferrari Modena, 7th GT, 19th OA 

                                   Bahrain Historic GP           Ford GT40, 3 x 1st OA  

2005                           Racing Team Holland:       Lotus Elan, Shelby Mustang, Ford GT40

                                                                               Goodwood Revival, Silverstone Classic

                                   Tour Auto                           Retired while leading OA.                                         

Zandvoort, HARC             Lotus Elan, 1st OA, 1st OA

                                           Shelby Mustang 2nd OA, 2nd OA                          LMES Series:

                                   Monza 1000 km                JMB Ferrari Maranello 575 GTC 7th GT1

                                    Spa 1000 km                     JMB Ferrari Maranello 575 GTC DNF

                                   Silverstone 1000 km          JMB Ferrari Maranello 575 GTC DNF

                                   Magny-Cours 6 hrs            Shelby Mustang 8thOA, 3rd Class

                                   Nurburgring Hist.               Lotus Elan 1st OA, 1st OA

                                   Nurburgring Hist Enduro   Shelby Mustang, 2 class wins


2006                           Racing Team Holland        Lotus Elan (Hugenholtz-Hugenholtz)

                                   1st Overall Tour Auto

Dijon 4 hrs                         Porsche 996 Cup, 3rd Class

Monterey Pre-Historics    Ferrari 250 SWB 1st OA, 1st OA

                                   Monterey Historics           Ferrari 250 SWB 1st OA

                                   Nurburgring 3hrs               Shelby Mustang, 1st class


2007                            Dubai 24 hrs                       Porsche GT3 Cup, 11th OA

                                    Racing Team Holland:       Lotus Elan (Hugenholtz-Hugenholtz)

                                   1st Overall Tour Auto

                                   Hockenheim 3 hrs               Shelby Mustang, 3rd OA, 1st Class

                                   Spa 6 hrs                             Shelby Mustang, 1st OA   (Hugenholtz-Hart-Herzog)

                                   Estoril VdV 6hrs                  Porsche 911, 1st class (Hugenholtz/Kohler)

                                   Monterey + Goodwood     Lola T70 Spyder

2008                           Dubai 24 hrs                        Porsche 997 GT3  DNF

                                   Monza GT4                         Aston Martin V8 GT4: 6th

                                   Zandvoort HARC              Ford GT40, 1st OA

                                   Zandvoort 60 years           Ford GT40, 1st OA, 1st OA

                                   Spa 3 hrs                             Shelby Mustang 5th

Le Mans Classic                  Ford GT40 DNF/2nd/4th

                                   Zandvoort Historics             Shelby Mustang 2nd OA+3rd OA

                                   Monterey Historics              Lotus Elan 26R 4th + 4th + 4th

                                   Goodwood                          Ford GT40

                                   Spa 6hrs                              Shelby Mustang, DNF when leading

                                   Magny Cours 6 hrs              Porsche 996 Cup, DNF


2009                           Dutch GT4                          RTH - Ford Mustang FR500C GT4

                                                                                PC van Oranje – Hans Hugenholtz

                                   Dijon l’Age d’Or                 Ford GT40 – 1st OA

                                   Masters Series                    Brands Hatch/Silverstone: GT40-Shelby

                                   Monterey pre-Historics      Lotus Elan 26R – 2 x 2nd

                                   Monterey Historics             Lotus Elan 26R – 1st OA 

In Short:

Le Mans 24 hrs                     7 participations, 6 results, 1 podium

Tour Auto                              14 participations, 7 Overall wins

Tour d’Espagne                     1 participation, 2nd OA         

Daytona 24 hrs                      2 participations

Sebring 12 hrs                       2 participations

BPR/FIA GT                         5 years

French GT                              2 years (3rd and 7th OA)

Ferrari Challenge                  3 years (2nd, 2nd, 3rd OA Championship)


Championships won:

Dutch National Touring Car Championship

FIA European Historic GT


One make Series raced:

Ferrari 348 Challenge                                              Lamborghini Diablo Series

Ferrrai 355 Challenge                                              Maserati Ghibli Challenge

Ferrari 360 Challenge                                              Porsche Cup

Alfa 156 Cup                                                             Caterham Cosworth Cup